I have been working at Octagon for 15+ years, starting in 1999. Originally I began marketing, selling and publicizing celebrity talent, but felt there was a gap in the marketplace: the need for brands and non-profit organizations to better understand when and how to use celebrities and trendsetters to influence and/or amplify their business and programming objectives.

So I created Octagon First Call, a celebrity strategy business — with one goal in mind – make this process straightforward, smarter and more efficient.

The team educates companies, associations and non-profits on the proper use of celebrity talent, then advise them on how to get the most value out of their partnership. This includes identifying the right talent, securing agreements, tailoring campaigns to fit both the marketing goals of the brand and the unique talents and appeal of the celebrity and managing the relationship throughout the duration of the term. And even telling clients when not to hire.

In today’s world, a celebrity can be anything from a business CEO, athlete or actor to a chef, futurist or entertainer. Or even now, a Vine, Instagram or YouTube star. Part of the expertise brought to the table is helping partners understand which celebrities are the most relevant for each assignment and the best ways to capitalize on their influence. Never before have brands had so many choices in talent selection which makes making the right decision so important.

The result of Our Work shows in the former First Lady’s Fruits & Vegetables initiative, Super Bowl & Emmy Awards ads, branded integrated marketing campaigns, digital influencers, social media programs, Grammy-winning artist corporate performances – and even on-demand portable cranberry bogs.

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